Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol - Top 4

It feels soooo good to be all caught up on our laundry!

Oh wait...I'm not all caught up. But I can imagine that it would feel really good.

Looks like I'll be folding laundry during Idol tonight (again).  Oh well...here we go!

Lee DeWyze "Kiss from a Rose" - Hmmm....I don't know.  I really, really love Lee and think he has so much potential to be a rock star.  His voice was incredible  - raspy and relaxed and he seemed more comfortable than he has in the past.  But he was a little flat in spots and needs to learn to breath properly so that it doesn't interrupt the song.  I don't think that was the best song choice for him, but I still think he's awesome and I won't be disappointed if he wins this.

Michael Lynche "The River Jordan" - I know that's not the actual name of the song but that's what I'm choosing to call it because it just seems like that should be the name.  I don't even remember what movie this is from either.  Well, I thought that was good.  I liked the backup singers, but I just don't think it had enough punch.  Not enough passion.  It seemed like a good idea, but didn't really pull it off completely?  But I can't identify anything that was bad, but like Randy said, even though it really annoys me when he says it, it was just "ah-ight."

Duets are next...I'm so EXCITED!  What a cool idea, and Lee and Crystal together is going to sound amazing, I just know it.  I just know.  Prepare for lots of exclamation points and keyboard shouting.

I TOLD YOU!  I TOLD YOU!  I TOLD YOU!!!  See, THAT's why Lee is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is giving me chills.  Now THAT is singing right there!  WOW!!!  What an amazing song.  That performance could totally be on the radio right now, and will be on my ipod by the end of the night.  The new Captain and Tennillle - HA!  Ellen cracks me up.  That may have been the best performance of the whole season so far.  They absolutely brought out the best in eachother with that song.  That's your top two right there (sorry Casey). 

Oooooh, Casey is next...doing Simon and Garfunkel.  This could be good.  Love me some Simon and Garfunkel!  Why did I just say "love me some"?  Wow, I'm annoying myself tonight.

Casey James "Mrs. Robinson" - Ok, at first I thought he was doing the song too slow, too much like the original, and nothing special.  Halfway through the song, he really started putting some heart into it, he started making it original, and I really loved the ending.  Beautiful.  The mandolin was very cool too.  I liked it! 

Crystal Bowersox "I'm Alright" - Excellent as always.  I love what she did with the song, which I never really liked, but the way she sang it and put her own style into it, I thought was great.  That girl can make anything sound good.

Hmmm...Casey and Mike doing a duet.  Good song choice for a duet for two guys.  Niiiiice harmonies and they are doing great with both acoustic guitars - love it!!  Not on the same level as Crystal and Lee's, but they did really well!

The judges were right, the duets ROCKED IT! 

Best of the night:  Lee in the duet w/ Crystal, hands down.
Going home: I have loved Casey since the auditions, but I think he'll be the one to go this week. Sigh.

And I got absolutely no laundry done.  GAAAH!

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  1. I was glad to see the final three...these were my picks from the original 12. I love Crystal but I'm rooting for Lee to win it all.

    Have a nice weekend!