Saturday, May 15, 2010

In the waiting and the trusting

"Christ's priority for the believer's life is not how much he or she studies the Word, enjoys attending Bible study, or discusses Scripture in small groups. His priority for the believer is to hear the Word and do it". - Beth Moore

To hear the Word...and do it.  To listen to Jesus and do what He tells me to do.  Can I really do that?  Is He really speaking to me? Yes He is, and yes I can.

Jesus said "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27. 

If Jesus calls me to listen to His voice, then He must be speaking to me.  The problem is that I am usually making too much of my own noise to hear Him! I've been doing something about that this past week, and it's making all the difference in my days.  I have started setting my alarm 30 minutes early and before I even get out of bed I raise the blinds (or turn on my lamp, depending on how light it is out), grab my bible and journal and my devotional, and I spend some time with God.  I am reading the book of John right now, going through one section at a time and journalling about it.  It's been amazing!  I've also been focusing on listening more when I pray...listening more than talking.  Seeking to be close to God, more than asking Him for things.  Shutting my mouth when I pray is not an easy thing for me to do!  I always have things to tell God (as if He doesn't already know), things to ask Him for (as if He isn't aware of my needs), and I feel like I have to remind God of the obvious (if I'm going to open a daycare, then I need children, God!!) 

See, I have all the preparations just about done, and still no families have signed up.  I feel like I have done all that I need to do to get the word out and have even advertised in our local newspaper.  I have been praying for God to bring the right families to me...but what I'm wondering now is maybe I'm the one who's not ready.  Maybe God has some work to do in my heart and in my life before I can take on this new venture.  I need to rely on His timing and do that one thing that is so hard for me sometimes. 


The other day I was praying about all of this and I asked God to show me if indeed this is what He wants me to do with my life (as if I need yet more confirmation than He has already given me).  Are you SURE God?  Maybe this isn't what You want me to do, if not then just let me know. I'll stay where I'm at with my job.  I just need to KNOW!  And I asked Him, which would give Him the most glory?

His answer came immediately and clearly.  He said "Your circumstances do not bring Me glory.  It's how you handle whatever circumstance that you are in that will bring Me glory.  You can glorify Me by being faithful wherever you are."


I know God has a plan.  I know that He knows what He wants me to do.  And I also know that He has been working on this trust issue with me for some time now.  That lesson of "learning to trust" is being woven into His plan for my life, and that plan apparantly involves some waiting.  After all, how much trust would it require of me if everything all fell into place imediately?  If there was no waiting to be done.  No opportunity to trust the unseen.  And now, in the waiting and the trusting, He is giving me the opportunity to bring Him  Before the families come.  When people ask me how things are going and if I have any kids signed up yet and I say "no, but God has a plan and I'm trusting in His timing."  Maybe that is part of His plan? Or maybe in the end He really will say no to all of this? 

Whatever happens, I'm going to keep getting up at 6am and spending time with Him.  I'm going to continue to learn to trust and bring Him glory whatever the circumstances are. And I'm going to continue to listen for His voice, to hear His Word...and DO it. 

Will you join me?

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  1. Just wanted to tell you how awesome this is! I have been telling myself for WEEKS now how I need to be spending more time alone with God. You've inspired me to make that happen even if it means getting up earlier. I will keep you in my prayers. It's tough when you're trying to get a clear word from the Lord...the waiting is even tougher, I believe.