Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Seriously Sirius!

I'm still driving around the rental car that I've had since crashing my car last Tuesday.  It's a long story, well actually it's not.  The garage where my broken car is sitting has all of the parts available and has just been waiting all this time for the imaginary insurance adjustor to inspect my car and give them the ok.  I played phone tag with the imaginary insurance adjustor for 5 days.....phone tag, meaning she called me once and I called her back 14 times and got her voicemail.  She finally went to see the car yesterday and gave the ok...at least she claims to have looked at it.  When I called the garage this morning, they said they didn't even know she had been there.  So she may or may not have actually gone and looked at it (and this is what I have been waiting a week for?)  Oh well, she approved the repairs and that's all that matters, and in the mean time I have something to drive.

I don't think I mentioned the fact that the rental car they gave me is a brand new Chevy Impala!  Brand new, as in it only had 20 miles and not a scratch on it when I drove it off the lot.  Seriously?  I don't need this pressure!   Why can't they give me a crappy car off the used lot??  It's nice and everything, but on top of the elevated blood pressure I still have from the accident, I now have the added stress of driving around a perfect-just-waiting-for-me-to-get-a-door-ding car. 

Well, it's all worth it because for the past 7 days I have been enjoying, drooling, fawning over, and rocking out to Sirius Radio!!!  Do you have this???  It is the bomb to end all bombs, people!  If you are not in the know (as I wasn't) it is kind of like cable for your radio.  It is satalite radio, meaning you can pull in all the stations no matter where you are, and there are like 240 stations...all with different themes and genres of music, sports, news (yea, like I'd ever listen to news channels.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I have no idea what is going on in the world 87% of the time).  It's all about music for me, and the ocassional talk radio show.  For a week now I've been toggling between the 70's and 80's channels, taking the long route, driving around the block a few extra times and tonight upon getting home from work, I may or may not have sat an extra 4 minutes in the driveway jamming out to "Caught Up In You" by 38 Special really loud.

This is so a trap from satan...just when we decide to start tithing and cutting out unnecessary expenses, he throws Sirius Radio in my face.

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  1. I'd love to have an all 80s station - that is my music. I just cannot see paying for radio. I don't even pay for satellite TV or cable (after years of just having an antenna and getting like 4 stations and driving my dad nuts that we didn't have 800 stations, he gave us satellite TV as a Christmas present - LOL)