Saturday, February 27, 2010

Knock..knock...knock, "Kirby threw up", and other things that you don't necessarily want to hear while lying in bed at 7am on a Saturday

We threaten our children with death if they wake us up on Saturday mornings.  I know that sounds extreme, but we've tried other things and that's the only one that seems to work.  There are however a few exceptions that will allow them to wake us up and their lives will be spared.  Someone or something vomitting on the carpet tops the list. 

Such is the reason for my early rising this morning and subsequent blogging at 7:49am.  I can't exactly go back to bed and relax after digging out the shampooer and cleaning up the 1,000th mess that this creature has made:

This is Kirby.  

Yes I know he's cute, but he's also big and along with big dogs comes big gross.  Drooling anytime someone eats around him...big long slobbery drool that looks like he swallowed a tennis shoe and the strings are hanging out.  And he likes to vomit on the carpet about once every three months, which is really fun.  This alone has made purchasing a carpet shampooer one of the best investments we have ever made.  And we won't even talk about doggie diahrea.  Don't need to revisit that, thankyouverymuch.  Let's just say that if it weren't for his wrinkly forehead and the intensity of it's cuteness, he may not be here right now.

So I guess...

because he's so adorable...

we'll keep him.

And we won't kill the children.


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  1. oh I like Kirby!! where where on this earth will you find someone waiting at the door to welcome You home! who will listen to your deepest, darkest, thoughts and not tell or think of you in a different light. how heavy will your heart feel when Kirby's eyes will be forever closed least on this earth! and when you have cleaned up his slobber one last time .dont you spose you'll hope for that day when you will see him again. hum doesn't that sound little like us and Jesus! and anyone else that has gone home before us..I'm just saying. love to you enjoy this day! :)