Friday, November 06, 2009

Coughing, peeing myself, and other exciting adventures of my day

I am home from work today....coughing, drinking tea, breathing through my mouth, raiding the kids' halloween candy (sorry kids, the Milkyways are mine). I'm not on my deathbed, but my throat is killing me, I really don't have a voice, and I am coughing every 8.2 seconds. Which reminds me of childbirth. Not so much the birthing process itself, but the lack of bladder control and subsequent peeing on myself that apparantly happens when coughing alot after one has birthed children.

Or maybe it's just me.

Nevertheless, I thought it best not to cough and pee all over everyone, so I decided to stay home today.

I'm not going to go back to bed yet (a nap is on my agenda later) and I don't have the energy to do anything like laundry (thank goodness!) so I thought I'd venture into something far more my blog a makeover.

I'm not sure why I'm doing this because change usually stresses me out, and I really like my blog design as is. But it might be fun and I'm bored so we'll see what happens.

At some point today, if you hear someone say "oh no" followed by a thud, that will be my husband's head hitting his desk at work when he reads this and finds out that I am going to try and change my blog by myself.


  1. Mhm...good luck with that...

  2. Header looks nice...background is TOO plain

  3. Love the new header! Great job! You are far more brave than I. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. i know what i'm getting you for Christmas :) of course it DEPENDS, hehe on how poised you are :) oh stop , stop i'm having WAY to much fun! sorry :-( at your expense..but it's clean fun. i truely hope your feeling better when this catches up with you!! relax and let the WHOLE family take care of Mama this time! best go but know i'll be holding you up in prayer!! love to you debbie

  5. haha - Debbie :) You are too funny! Thanks for the prayers, I need to be able to sing on Sunday!!!

  6. WOW! I LOVE the new look. Will you do mine?
    Oh, and I have to wear a diaper when I have a cold too. No biggie.

  7. love the honesty in this post!! ha ha! something all mom's get to deal with that is for sure! :)