Saturday, November 21, 2009

crap, Crap CRAP!

As if last night's poopy water episode wasn't fun enough, my wonderful husband - after shampooing the heck out of the carpet outside our bathroom - decided that it would be ok to dump the dirty poopy water out of the shampooer into the kitchen sink.

You know, the kitchen sink.

Where we wash our dishes.

And prepare food.

And such.

E coli, anyone?

And then he looked at me like I was crazy when I cleaned the sink with a bleach water solution. He actually said I was being a little obsessive.

Seriously? My head is gonna 'splode here.

But, today is a new day! God's mercies are new every morning, right?! And this morning, lawn work sounded like a good idea, so we rallied the kids, got out the rake and the leaf blower and got to work. The kids were having fun raking, blowing, scooping and bagging leaves...very Norman Rockwell like, except for one thing...


Dog crap, that is.....all over our front yard. Not dried up and easy to pooper scoop, as it should was a mess and consequently so were the kids who had been on their knees scooping big armfuls of leaves up to be bagged.

CRAP! On their hands...jeans...jackets...

And then there was me, standing in the middle of the lawn in my good tennis shoes that I should not have been wearing in the yard...covered in doo-doo.


Vince came to my rescue and redeemed himself very nicely from last night's poopy water fopaux by cleaning my shoes up like new. I love that man, but I do not want to know how he did it. I got the kids inside, stripped them naked, and into the showers. Poopy clothes in the washer. It's all good now.

I just have one question...


I believe in spiritual attacks. The bible talks about evil spirits attacking people - like the spirit of fear, the spirit of despair ... is there a spirit of crap? There must be. I'm going to have to check my bible. It's prolly in Habakuk or something. I can think of no other explanation for the events of the past (not even) 24 hours.

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