Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pumpkins and apples, frogs and hearts

We had such a great weekend. Vince's sister Donna and her family were here and we had a wonderful time with them! Even Dave. (It's ok, he knows I love him :)

It has taken me over two hours to decide what pictures to post, as I was snapping away hundreds of pictures all weekend. I'm seriously addicted! Soooo here's what I chose to represent the festivities.

It all started with pumpkin pizza...

 The littlest pumpkin....our grandson Jaden

And then, the carmeling of the apples commensed...

Of course, sampling the carmel was a necessary step, right Donna?

And by the grace of God, no one was impaled by any of our kids carving pumpkins with sharp objects...

Didn't they turn out awesome? From left to right, Nick's was a white pumpkin - he did the face all himself! Next was Kyle's, then cousin Rose's, Vinny made an "L" in his (you'll see why in the next pic) and Hope made a paw print on one side and an "H" on the other.....see the reflection on the house?!

Then Mario & Luigi got ready to go out on the town!

Dorothy was ready for her trip to Oz

And the Viking was ready for some football, or to conquer new worlds, or whatever would be needed

Trevor was ready to fight Batman as the Joker, and Whitney was ready to be Trevor in his stead :)

And then there was a punkin head in a froggy costume...

...who has stolen our hearts.


  1. OMG!!! First time I've seen the baby! He's so adorable. You must be in love!

  2. All the pics are awesome. Love the pumpkin pizza - how clever! That baby is beautiful!!! Congrats!

  3. looks like ALL had FUN!! looks like Mimi and Papa are doing a GREAT job with boy child! thanks for sharing your weekend! love to all1 debbie

  4. Thanks!!

    Hey Deb...when are you guys going to come up?

  5. Hon, you are getting to be such a great photographer! I love you!!