Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Happy ThanksDAVEing...

We have had a fabulous holiday weekend! All the kids were here, along with my parents, Vince's sister Donna, her daughter Rose, and her amazing husband DAVE.

I was happy to see everyone of course, but the highlight of my life day was (and always is) this man...

Soon after he arrived, Dave began crying and lamenting the fact mentioned that he has not been getting enough attention in my blog. So, because of my great love and devotion to my wonderful brother-in-law DAVE...

I have devoted my life this post to him. Although he deserves so much more. Dave told me that although he gets a shout out here and there on my blog, he is still whining pining for his 15 minutes of fame. Well Dave, because my blog is read by thousands tens of people every day, this is far more than 15 minutes of fame, my friend. But you deserves nothing less!

On this day of giving thanks, I wanted Dave to know just how thankful we are for him, so Vince and I spared no expense with the luxurious accomodations we provided for our most special guest...

He was ever so grateful, and quite comfy I might add!

Even though just having Dave at our house was celebration enough, we also had some fabulous food, including the most delicous turkey I've ever had, prepared by my husband, which I neglected to photograph because I was too focused on Dave these homemade apple and pumpkin pecan pies made by my Mr. Wonderful himself...

They were just as delish as they look! We spent the day dining on the traditional thanksgiving fare, including mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, scalloped corn, and of course the pies. Everything was yum! We relaxed the rest of the day, while perusing the ads to develop our game plan for the black Friday shopping. Donna, Brittany and I went out for a few hours of shopping - however not at the insanely early hours that many others did, and consequently most of the things that we set out to get were already sold out. That's ok, I didn't have high expectations of finding anything anyway, it was just fun girl time - which of course included a stop at Starbucks!

The rest of Friday was spent taking the whole fam to the movie "Christmas Carol" (graphics were amazing, story was a little dark and scary), having a birthday party for Rose and Hope, who both turn 9 soon, playing "Guesstures" (very fun!) and partaking in what will now and forevermore be a holiday tradition...

Yes, that's a chocolate fountain, and may I say it was a dripping, delicious slice of heaven!

So in addition to all the eating, we also did alot of laughing, hugging, baby holding, not-nearly-enough picture taking, and memory making. And of course, gazing at this man...

Sure, the picture is a little out of focus, but for those of us who know Dave, it kind of fits doesn't it? It's ok, he know's I love him.....right, Dave?


  1. A Shout out to my Sista :) this post is Priceless!!! from the pictures it looks like fun was had by ALL! I'm thankful Donna and her crew got there safe..can you imagine if God and He angels weren't protecting them, in just to get to your home, what fun would have been missed?! Thank You Jesus!! ejoy This Day! love to you. debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie!! Wish you guys could have been here too ~ can't wait 'til the "Howard" Christmas! Love ya!

  3. Finally getting a chance to acknowledge my "WAY more than 15 minutes of fame". What an honor and a privilege to be recognized in cyberspace in such a regal fashion. Lisa, you truly outdid yourself. I am humbled in the presence of greatness.

    To those thousands (tens) who may be wondering if the "Dave Suite" is available for your Winona vacation package - - wonder no more. The Howards can make those accommodations available, simply for the asking. The accommodations were so "4 star", that I just couldn't see having them available for just myself. The rates were super reasonable, and the service was nothing short of top notch. The bed was very comfortable - - and the food. Well, my goodness, folks - - just look at what Mr and Mrs Wonderful whipped up! How can you go wrong with that? Even toilet paper at only 10 cents a sheet - - what an incredible bargain!

    I highly recommend a Winona vacation package for your next family outing. The surroundings are great - - the people are even greater - - and the whole package is worth more than its weight in gold. Who knows - - maybe you too can experience what "15 minutes of fame" can bring to your life!


    The calls have been flooding in already, Dave :) Call now for your next reservation. We may even give you a discount next time!