Friday, November 20, 2009

Please tell me...

Please tell me that I did not come home today to find one of our boys trying to clean up an overflowed toilet by mopping pushing poopy water around on our bathroom floor with a mop...water that had already soaked into the carpet in the hallway because he didn't put any towels down.

Please tell me that did not happen.

And please tell me that our carpet shampooer will work to get the poopy water out of our carpet.

And also please tell me that he did not walk through the house with wet socks...wet with poopy water from the he carried two wet bath towels (wet with poopy water) down to the laundry room, to throw on top of a basket of clothing that we put on our bodies, as water (poopy water) dripped on the carpetting that he was already walking on with poopy water soaked socks all the way down to the laundry room.

And please tell me that he washed his hands before he touched anything.

And please tell me that whatever he did touch, was safely disinfected by my obsessive clorox wiping of door knobs, railings, faucet handles and keyboards and any other surfaces that I thought he could have potentially touched with poopy water hands.

Please tell me that I am not going to obsess about this forever.

And that I am not going completely crazy.


  1. Yes, all you said happened or didn't happen as the case may be, but if it had - eeewwwwww