Monday, March 01, 2010 lightyear to the rescue!

I'm feeling energized today!  Is it energized or is it just a caffeine buzz?  You pick.  I'm not sure either, but the caffeine buzz is totally possible.  It's the iced coffee - my new addiction.  Wow, is it yummy!  It's my husband's fault - Starbucks' really.  I discovered Starbucks Iced Coffee last August when I was in California for my sister's wedding, and after returning home I introduced them to Vince and oh my, we fell in love!  We'll treat ourselves to this delish-o-rama whenever we are at Target, or that end of town (ok fine, whenever we feel like it and are willing to make the drive) which thankfully is only a couple few times a month or we'd go broke. 

That stop at Starbucks in California was my very first Starbucks experience and I had no idea what or how to order.  I just looked around at what other people had, and walked up to the counter and said "I want something cold and coffee-ey, with caramel and chocolate.   They took good care of me and I've been addicted ever since. But now, we've been there enough to learn some of the hip lingo that makes me feel really cool when ordering my "Venti (that's how really cool people say "large") Iced Coffee with milk, three pumps caramel and three pumps mocha (that's how really cool people say "chocolate").  

Now, Mr. Wonderful, in all his wonderfulness has started making me iced coffees at home - which I dare say are even yummier than Starbucks! 

So, here I sit on my lunch hour, feeling very energized and I know that my coffee is only part of the reason.  God is releasing me from some things.  He is growing and stretching me in new ways, which is giving me a newfound sense of purpose and focus that I have been longing for and desperately needing for some time.

I'll write more on all that later, right now it's time for me to get buzzing!

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  1. I love Starbucks! I don't drink coffee, except their desserts in a cup. I won't even think about making my own at home because I really don't need the calories.