Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol - Top 6

I'm really glad to see Shania Twain as the mentor tonight.  I'm not a huge fan of hers, although I am a country girl...now Wynnona?  THAT would be a mentor!  Anyway, I think Shania will be great and I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to offer the contestants.  I really, REALLY hope no one does "I Feel Like A Woman".  It just doesn't need to be done.

Ok, here we go.  I'm seeing Lee practice and already know he's going to be awesome.

Lee Dewyze "You're Still The One" - Yep.  He's beyond awesome.  Wow.  That was amazing on so many levels.  He is showing more style than I've ever seen him.  Such raw talent.  Can you say iTunes download? 

"The only ones who really make it in the end are the ones who feel it the most" - Shania just said that while coaching Mike.  I like it.

Michael Lynch "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" - Uh boy.  I really want to like this, but I'm sorry - the song is just so sappy.  He sounds like Luther Vandross, for sure...and if one were a Luther Vandross fan, this would be amazing.  I don't know, it was good and all, but just not my style. 

Casey James "Don't" - Niiiiice.  Hello.  That was incredible!

What in the world???  Did you see the ProActiv commercial and the girl with the eyes that looked like targets???  Wow.  Can you say blink?

Crystal Bowersox "No One Needs To Know" I can't believe I'm saying this, but that was weak for me.  Not the right song choice, at all.  Too happy and chipper, and Crystal has far too much soul for that.  She could have done so much more vocally with a different song. 

Aaron's coming....I might need to make a trip to the bathroom.  SORRY! 

Aaron Kelly "It's In The Way" - It wasn't terrible.  Not great, but not terribly terrible.   Until he said he was singing it to his mom.  Eew.  It's a love song.  That kinda creeps me out.  And is that how you spell terrible?  It looks weird when you type it out.

Have you seen this?  Someone put this out on Facebook today and I've watched it 3 times.  It's hysterical!

One more song of the night...

Siobhan "Any Man of Mine" - Ok, I like this song, but I have to admit I didn't hear alot of it because I was busy singing it to Mr. Wonderful :)  However, I paid enough attention to it to find her performance a bit bipolar....too quiet in the beginning and manic at the end.  But I think there are enough crazies out there who like her so against my better judgement she'll probably be around next week.  No one listens to me.

Best of the night - Lee KILLED it, with Casey following a close second.
Needs to be done already - Siobhan
Vote off prediction - Aaron or Michael.  Prolly Michael (sigh).  I don't think his performance is going to appeal to alot of people, even though he did really well.


  1. I'm hoping Siobhan goes. So over her. What was that last night?

    However, she's got her peeps I guess. No one I know likes her style but she's never even in the bottom three so she might last.

    Casey rocked it tonite but Lee is my fave and I voted for him. I figured Casey would be safe because he really was awesome tonite.

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  4. Yes, I think it's time for Siobhan to go.

  5. "Aaron's coming....I might need to make a trip to the bathroom."

    Oh my goodness, I think something like this every week, too! He's a cute kid, but not in the league of some of the other singers. As a matter of fact, I'm ready for both Aaron and Siobhan to go.