Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol - Top 9 again

Just finished dinner and made it to the couch on time to see Crystal, no intro tonight.

Crystal "Saved" - I really love the backup singers, wow!  So cool!  Loved the bluesy soul.  I like that she didn't pick a popular song, it was very original and she did it with her own style for sure.  She definitely took Adam's advice to add some energy - loved the electric guitar and she really looked like she was having a blast!  Fantastic.  She is such a natural star and I think I'll be shocked if she doesn't win.  And may I just say that she is very classy to NOT do the number thing with her fingers during the phone number pitch.

Velma Orbison "Hound Dog" - I'm afraid to say this, but I think Andrew might do well with an Elvis song.  It just seems like it will be his style.  I'll let you know after the commercial...

Ok, I was a little worried the first verse, but after he got started he came out of his shell a bit and showed some style.  I have to say that in a smallish kind of way, I kind of half-way liked it.  But it didn't have enough wow to really be impressive, or to make me a fan.   

Tim Urban "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" - Nice depth to his voice, love the acoustic guitar, and what he's doing with the song!  He sounds like that guy that sings that song from Shrek ...anyway.  Very, very beautiful, original, emotional.....oooh, there's the charlie manson eyes, but it's ok.  I"m too distracted by the awesomeness of this performance to be scared.  One word....wow!!!!

Now I have time to look up that Shrek song on iTunes, hold on...

Lee DeWyze "Little Less Conversation" - Here we go, Lee man...love the base solo, it added some drama and style to the song (as if he needs it).  I don't care if he doesn't get all animated, he's just a mellow guy and that boy can sing!  Very very cool!

Aaron Kelly "Blue Suede Shoes" - I don't think I need to hear this song again ever in my life.  And I also don't think anyone needs to ever never again saunter down the stairs while they are singing.  It just can't be done without looking corny.  That said, Aaron is just too much of a boy for me to take him seriously.  Everything he does just feels like a highschool performance, not authentic.  But he has a lot of teeny-bopper fans so he may not be voted off just yet.  

Siobhan "Suspicious Minds" - Ok....this is my favorite Elvis song - and actually one of my favorite songs altogether; but help me now it is just painful to listen to and see Siobhan perform it.  Ugh.  Bleck.  MUTE!!!

Come on, Big Mike!  Make us glad they saved you (even though I already am)!

Michael Lynch "In The Ghetto" - That was amazing.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Katie Stevens "Baby What Do You Want Me To Do" - Get voted off.  That's what I want you to do. 

The judges are having more fun tonight, tho, which is kind of refreshing.  And have you noticed that Ryan hasn't had any smart comments or even questions for the judges tonight?  Coincidence?  Hmmm...

Casey James "Lawdy Miss Claudie"  Thiiiiiiiiis is gonna be good!  Ummm, yea.  Hello.  That was a-maz-ing.  And the judges........are you serious??????????  I don't understand it.  At all.  Their criticisms of him are ridiculous.  I'm getting mad now.

I wasn't excited about Adam Lambert being the mentor this week.  I liked him last year, but since then I have not at all been impressed with his image and how he is marketing himself.  However, I thought he did a great job of mentoring and I was pleasantly surprised.  He was honest and gave some constructive advice.  He could have used a little more eye make up tho.  Wow.

Best of the night:  As always, Casey, and I just can't decide for second place between Mike, Lee and Crystal....and even Tim. 

Need to go:  Aaron, Siobhan, Andrew and Katie...don't care which, they all just need to go.


  1. My choice for going home is Andrew and Siobhan. or Aaron. I really don't even watch when they perform anymore.

    I like Katie...I didn't at first but she's grown on me.

    My faves are Crystal and Lee. Aren't they everyone's favorites?

  2. Why don't you tell us how you really feel? LOL. Andrew really does have a nice voice and skill with arrangements, but he'd be my first choice to send home. And TWO are going so I guess the other one for me is Mike. I just don't understand the appeal. He does not come across as humble to me at all, he sings with his eyes closed too much, and well, I'd have let him go last week so someone everyone assumes is safe (like Casey or Krystal) doesn't go home too early.

  3. I think the right 2 went home!