Tuesday, April 06, 2010

American Idol - Top 9

Ok, first of all I have to get something off my chest...is it just me or is Ryan just not very happy this year?  He used to be so cheerful and smiled alot, and the playful banter he had with the judges always made me chuckle.  But this year it's different.  There's an edge to it, and it's sometimes even uncomfortable. 
Ok, here we go!

Aaron Kelly - "The Long and Winding Road". Oh baby boy...he's so cute, but soooo not ready for the big time.  His vocals were pretty weak and the poor thing seemed very, very nervous.  I don't blame him at all, how could he not be nervous? 

I love how they are having the contestants talk about eachother between performances!  It helps them not be so "me me me" focused.  It's nice to see how they all support eachother and they obviously develop close relationships on the show.  The backstage interviews are an interesting addition too...except they kind of make me feel like I'm at the Olympics.

Katie Stevens - "Let it Be"  She's doing ok, but like Mr. Wonderful just said, I'd rather have heard Didi sing this song.  Sigh.  (They should have saved her.)  Katie has a nice voice, but not nearly enough power to pull off this song.  Randy....her best performance ever?  Ridiculous?  Wha???  I don't get it.

Velma Orbison - "Can't Buy Me Love".  Oh dear.  No.  Just no.

Michael Lynch - "Eleanor Rigby".  Go Big Mike!  That was really, really good!  I love that he chose a song that wasn't really popular, something different and original.  He did fantastic.

Ok, can I just say that Simon needs to stop arguing with the audience.  And pretending to be surprised that they boo him.  

Crystal Bowersox - "Come Together".  Oh yes, AWESOME song!  Aaaaand, of course Crystal is amazing.  I feel like I'm at a concert!  She's so comfortable and shows her style consistently.  And thanks to my husband, I learned what a didgeridoo is (had to google how to spell that).  Best performance of the night so far. 

Ok, Velma made me laugh with his "I love you Tim" comment.  Maybe he's not so bad?

Tim Urban - "All My Lovin'".  Wooooow!  I'm surprised!  Pleasantly surprised!  That was really good!

Commercial break, time for some Googlie fun...

...am I wrong?

Ok, here we go...Casey's next!  Casey's next!  He's the best performance of the night, for sure.....er, wait.  He hasn't sung yet. 

Casey James - "Jealous Guy".  I would type something about how beautiful the cello is, but I'm too busy drinking in his beautiful voice.  Aaaaaaah.  Excellence.

Siobhan Magnus - "Across The Universe".  I think that's where her brain is.  Sorry.  One word...vacuous.  Aaaand she has managed to get a half-scream in on a ballad.  I'm confused...is she an artist or just a crazy person?  I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards the latter.  And trust me, I know crazy.

Lee DeWyze - "Hey Jude".  Started off a little rough, but that's what I like about his voice.  He's doing pretty good, until..........the bagpipe dude?  What in the world?  That kinda creeped me out.  Simon totally had it right, it was like he turned up on the wrong show!  That aside, I like Lee, but he ended up kind of shouting the song.  It reminded me of a bar band doing their final song of the night.  Well, hypothetically speaking.  I of course have never seen a bar band, and for sure have never been around for their last song.  But if I ever had, in my very distant past, I can imagine it would have sounded something like that.  Eh-hem.

Best of the night:  Casey, my Casey - with Crystal a very close second.
Vote off prediction:  Siobhan. 


  1. I also love Casey but Crystal will win.

  2. I'm with you on Andrew and the singing but I did like seeing his personality back stage.

    I love Lee but when the bagpiper came out , uh no. That was weird. It didn't go with the song. At all.

    Loved Casey. Loved Crystal. I liked Katie tonite. Tim did okay but I find the grin and hair and sparkly teeth distracting. I'm sure he's a nice guy.

    Siobhan...there is quirky and then there is QUIRKY. She is too QUIRKY for me.

  3. Aw, I liked Katie last night. It was the first time she seemed "real" to me and less like a character in a musical.

    I'd love to see SIobahn go, but I don't think it will be her night tonight. I hoping for an Aaron Kelly boot-off.

    (stopping by from Boomama's)