Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random acts of thinking

Today is beautiful outside!  I am really getting in the mood for flowers, like the ones we planted on our decks last year...

Right now the decks are looking naked and I'm ready to get out the pots and the dirt and make a trip to the greenhouse for some flowers.  (It's still too cold yet, so I'll have to wait.  Sigh.)  I never really go there with a plan, I just buy whatever I like and figure it out when I get home.  Last year we got ALOT more flowers than we needed, and since I just couldn't bare (bear?) to throw any away, I just bought more pots and filled them up! 

I recently heard about "straw bale gardening".  I'm kind of interested in trying it.  I love the idea of having a vegetable garden, but I'm afraid of it turning into a weed fest if I can't keep up.  Maybe we'll just expand on our deck gardening that we did last year?  We planted herbs and were really happy with the results, and all the fresh herbs that we cooked with all summer! 

This is our basil plant, which turned into a humungus 3 feet tall basil tree! 

Maybe we'll try adding peppers and onions or something this year in some of our bigger pots (if I don't buy too many flowers again, of course.)

I've gotten alot of great feedback on the daycare, but no one has committed yet.  There is time, and I'm relying on God.  After all, this was His idea!  I'm surprisingly at peace about it, but I really shouldn't be surprised I guess.   I know from experience that God provides for our needs...all the time.

My new books came today from Amazon...

The "Stuff Christians Like" book is hilarious, and I'm more than ready to dive into Beth Moore's new book too.  I just recently read "Get Out of That Pit" and loved it.

I think Americans have an addiction to entertainment.  And to noise.  And to distraction.  I'm watching American Idol tonight and noticing that every single commercial is about self indulgence...cell phones aren't just for communicating with others, they play music and movies so that you can escape from your real life anywhere and anytime. 

I haven't been taking very many pictures lately, and I've been missing it terribly.  My allergies are kicking in.  I need to get going on the allergy meds so I don't have a repeat of last year!

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  1. I'm like you...getting impatient to put some color outside. It's still too cold here too. Ick.

    SCL is my favorite right now...hilarious!