Wednesday, March 03, 2010

American Idol - Top 10 Girls

I just have to know, what's up with the long scarves on the guys?  Andrew wore one last night, and Michael has one on tonight in the audience.  Interesting. 

Anyway, sittin' here on the couch with my sweetie again, this time folding laundry and waiting for Idol to start.  Watched the last 3 minutes of "Two and a Half Men" and am reminded again why that show is banned in our house.  I can't believe that smut is allowed on tv at 7pm!

Ok, here we gooooo!!!

Crystal Bowersox - Really really like her she's singing and YEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love love love the song, and her gravely, soulful voice!  Little bit Jewel, little bit Patty Griffin...she's natural and genuine.  Amazing!  She should lose the dreds tho, but that's just me. 

Haeley Vaugh - Ok, I'm sorry, I just have to say it.  She has a lisp.  Has no one noticed this?  She is really sweet and cute and everything, but I'm very surprised that she has made it this far.  Vocals were really bad.  She's my vote-off prediction for this week.

Lacey Brown - I'm trying really, really hard to find something about her that doesn't completely and utterly annoy me.  Nasally, whiney voice?  nope.  Finger in the light socket hairdo?  um, no.  Poofy zebra shirt with eighty necklaces?  Fake fake fake. 

Katie Stevens - She's cute and funny and weird and she laughs at herself, and I love that.  She has a pretty voice, but it's not nearly powerful enough. Just eh for me.

Commercial break....and I'm kinda bored so far.  Crystal was the only one that I've enjoyed tonight.  However, I have been utterly entertained by our children - Hope and Kyle - who called me outside to watch them rollerblading down the driveway, bent over with their hands behind their backs like olympic speed skaters. That was so immensely cute that I didn't have the heart to yell at Kyle for being outside in shorts - even though it is like 29 degrees out. 

Didi  Benami - Oh my, I love her!  She prays and meows - how many people can say that?  She has a fantastic voice and I know she's going to be awesome......YEP, she is!!!  LOVE love love what she's doing with this song!  She is unique, and totally my fav so far (for the girls).  Really surprised at Randy, Kara and Simon's criticism.  They can just shut it, she did good.

Michelle Delamor - Ok, weird song choice for a girl??  Weak voice, not impressed.  She does look good tho, so I agree with the judges on that one.

Blaaaah...still bored. 

Time to tuck the kids in bed!  They just finished their showers and Kyle made himself a Jimmy Neutron/Ace Ventura mowhawk.  Ok then.  His hair should look quite interesting in the morning. 

Lilly Scott - One word.  Ick.

Commercial break again...time for a brownie :)

Katelyn Epperly -  WOW!  She was awesome!  Loooove the piano (white baby grand.....mhm), and I thought she did fantastic.  I love how she played the piano so simply.  And if they ever decide to turn this into a gong show, they wouldn't have to purchase a gong, they could just use one of her earrings.  Bonus.

Paige Miles - Likes to....color?  Hmmph.  Not sure I would have chosen that to tell America about myself.  Well, guess what....the girl can sing!!!  AWESOME song choice.  She's not my favorite, but she's good and I think she has a chance at being in the top few.

Victoria Secret girls again?  Seriously, those commercials are one step away from pornography.

Siobhan Magnus - Great song and she can sing, but she can't pull off Aretha.  Vince disagrees with me, tho, after that high note - he loved it!  That was brave of her, so I'll give her that.  I have to agree with Simon, parts of the song were bad and parts were amazing, so we'll see how she does after tonight.

Overall......bring on the guys!


  1. Hi Lisa!

    I've been without a computer for a couple of weeks and was just catching up on your blog! I just want to tell you that I very much enjoy reading your blog! I LOVE your honesty and transparency AND your sense of humor through it all! Laughter is so good, isn't it?!

    God has truly blessed you with a gift for writing and you glorify Him through your words! Thanks so much for sharing from your heart! I take something meaningful away from every post whether it be just for fun or thought provoking!

    Have a BLESSED rest of the week!


  2. Alright, that settles it! Everyone agrees that Didi was WAY better than they gave her credit for!!! They owe her an apology. Poor little thing. I sure hope she makes it through and can rebound with some sort of In Your Face! performance next week.

    Love the recap! It's like we're sharing a brain, here... ;)

  3. I love how you blogged on each girl and she was singing! I was reading them aloud to my husband! Thanks for making us laugh today!! Love reading your blog!!

  4. Hey Jenni!
    Thanks :) I'm glad to know that you think I'm glorifying God with my blog...sometimes I wonder how things I say may be perceived, especially when I get a little snarky :) That is truly my desire - to glorify God with my life and the things I write about. And I want to be transparent which can be scary sometimes. Anyway, thank you for blessing ME and hope you have a wonderful day today!!! See you Sunday!

  5. Hi! Stopping by for a visit from MBC. Love your blog.

  6. Serioiusly, DUDE, what was up with the scarf on Big Mike...hated it.


  7. Oh, BTW...really? Lilly Scott, ick? I don't like her look, but she is so talented. But, I totally agree with you about Katelyn. I loved her the best tonight.

    How was the brownie?? ;0)j