Tuesday, March 02, 2010

American Idol - Top 10 Guys

It's my favorite show!  I wait for it all year, and it's the only thing I watch faithfully.  It's been really fun so far watching all the auditions, and I have to say I'm so glad that they didn't let any idiots through this year (remember Sanjaya and Tatianna?  Good grief.) 

They're down to the top 20 this week, woo hoo!  This is when it starts to get good and I start really paying attention.  So, here I am snuggin' on the couch with my sweetie, watching AI and deciding to type my play by play commentary live, as it happens.  Try to contain your excitement :)  Here we go!

Michael Lynche - he's just cute.  A big teddy bear (I love big teddy bears - especially mine:)  Love his story, and he can sing!

John Park - snoozer.

Casey James - he's been my prediction as this year's winner ever since I saw him in the auditions - LOVE HIM!!!  Yea!!!!  Awesome guitar!  Love his voice - except this song didn't really showcase it.    I like how he handled the criticism from Kara (gag) and Simon, even though I don't agree with it.  He seems humble, which I really like.  Arrogance is such a turn-off in an artist! 

Alex Lambert - This kid is actually pretty good!  Surprised me.  Kind of Michael Buble'ish with a hint of country.  Falsetto, not so much - but otherwise I like his little gravelly voice and I think he'll be around for a while.

Commercial break....my favorites from years past have always been the guys.  Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Chris Daughtry (totally robbed), David Cook, Justin Guarini, Taylor Hicks.  Brooke White was awesome, too!

Back to the show...

Todrick Hall - Ick already.  He's arrogant and full of himself.  And he hasn't even sang yet.  Bad bad bad song arrangement.  Flat vocals.  Cheesey.  I predict he's getting voted off.

Jermaine Sellers - whah????  "dey know what dey talkin bout?"  And did he really just say "Jesus is my homeboy?"  Seriously...where is the mute button.

Andrew Garcia - I like him.  Nice attitude.  Nice song.  Interesting voice, I hear a little Danny in him.  I don't think he'll win, but he's not bad.

Aaron Kelly - awe, what a cutie!  Great song, but I don't really like what he did with it.  You're good for sixteen, honey, but you lost me at falsetto.

Commercial break again....really?  Do they need to have Victoria Secret commercials with women in their bras and underwear?  Oh dear, I don't have enough hands to shield all the boys' eyes from this. 

Tim Urban - He prays, yay!  Great song for him.  I like him and for once, yay Simon!

Lee Dewyze  - I like him.  Alot.  I love that he cried when he was put through to the finals!  Love his acoustic, rough voice.  I hate that song, though (it's about cheating).  But he is passionate and intense and he sang it really well.

So, there ya go!  This was fun :)  Time for some AFV with my boys...

Did I just post three times in one day?  Yes, yes I did.


  1. Tim's a great kid. He's goes to my church and is a friend of my teen boys. He's from a family of 10 kids!

    He's a kid who really loves the Lord and our whole church is praying!!!

    I've heard him sing live many many times. He's so much better IRL. I just hope he really gets a chance to showcase it.

    (okay Tim Urban infomercial concluded. :)

    And Jermaine and Todrick can just go on home IMHO.

  2. Ok, I like Tim even more now :)

  3. I hopped over from Boo Mama...I think about half the guys could go this week. I'm hoping it picks up some momentum...the show feels a little flat to me so far.

  4. I pretty much agree with every single thing you said. Except I REALLY like Lee. He's my fav guy. I don't think Casey is as good as everyone else thinks he is.