Tuesday, March 09, 2010

American Idol - top 8 girls

It's girls night?  AAAK!  I was looking forward to seeing the guys.  Sigh.  Oh well....

Katie Stevens - Well, at least she moved out of the songs that made her sound like a 40 year old.....but, oh my.  It's not so good.  She was flat and just, yea.  Not so much.

Siobhan Magnus - the slow talker....SORRY!  I know, I know, it's a singing competition.  Well now she is singing and WOW!!  Killer acapella!!!  WHOA ~ that was awesome!!!  Excellent vocal control, and she hit every note dead on!

Sidenote...so why didn't Katie have an interview prior to singing?  They just sent her out there on stage with no warning at all.

Lacey Brown - Yep.  Just as annoying as last week.  Maybe more, if that's possible.

Dear American Idol contestants,
Please stop holding your fingers up while Ryan is reading your phone number to everyone after your performance.  It makes you look really dumb and pathetic.  If people want to vote for you, they'll get your number off the screen at the end of the show.  And since they are watching the show, I'm pretty sure they can read.  And hear.  So your fingers aren't helping.  That is all.

Katelyn Epperly - on the keyboards, hello!  Hmmm...I want to love it more than I do.  Is she really playing piano, or just finger-syncing it?  I can barely hear the piano and she looks like she's fake playing.  Not special.


Didi Benami- YEA!!!  I LOVE her voice, and she did absolutely FANTASTIC with that song!!!!! 

Paige (thegirlwho'sgettingvotedoffthisweek) Miles - Gag.

Crystal Bowersox- One word...WOW!  Keep the dreds if you wanna, baby girl, you are IN-CREDIBLE!!!!!  LOVED that!!!  AND she didn't do that stupid number thing with her fingers - amen!

I still laugh every time I see that Minute Maid commercial where the teacher shocks the bunny with the balloons :)

Lilly Scott - I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to her performance but I've been sitting here on the couch with my mouth hanging open.  What.  The.  World.  Was.  That?  It was beyond weird.

Well, that's it.  In summary:  Siobhan rocked, Didi ROCKED, Crystal RAH-HOCKED tonight !!!!!!

Now, bring on the guys tomorrow night!


  1. We're totally on the same page... Again. :)

  2. What was up with all the s-l-o-w songs? I love Siobhan's voice but it was a very weird choice for a girl to sing that particular song. She nailed it though. Crystal and Didi are my favorites. I'd buy something of Crystals off of Itunes today probably.

  3. Yep, Katie and Katelyn are probably going home.

  4. Hey, great recap! Thanks for visiting my place...I've got to say that I LOVE Crystal!! But the boys are kinda slaying the competition in my opinion right now...I don't know we'll see. ;)