Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol - Top 12!

Not so much excited about the Rollingstones theme, but we'll see what happens.  It's so much cooler when the artist is actually there working with the contestants.  I hope they do that this year...bring on Barry Manilow!

Michael Lynche - I really, really like Michael, but I don't know...this performance didn't really do anything for me.  Maybe it was just the song, because the MAN can SING!  I can't really critique him for anything because I thought he did a good job, but it was missing the "wow" factor for me.  But seeing him with his little baby girl just made my heart melt....still a fan.

Didi Benami - Oh man, I love her more and more each week.  I love how she changes her voice...I don't know how else to describe it.  She is so talented and I love her unique style.  It was a really eerie song, and she did it with passion.  Awesome!

Casey James - Uh oh, Hellooooo!  Hot guitar!  Even hotter vocals!  I love his bluesy / country style.  He is SO going to win this thing!!!

Lacey Brown - Wow, she's a christian and a worship singer!   That makes me really want to like her, but as much as I want to, I can't make her voice not annoy me.  Hmmph.  I loved the orchestra tho.  Simon told her there was "nothing wrong" with her performance.  I don't think there is anything worse to hear than that...it's kind of like being told by your husband that you look "nice".

Katie Stevens - Eh...

Tim Urban - Uh boy....yawn.  I feel like turning the channel.  What's the deal tonight??

Siobhan Magnus - I seriously dozed off during her performance.  Somebody help me here.

Lee Dewyze - ok, I'm awake now!   One word....YEA!!!!  That was amazing, loved it!! 

come on Crystal..........waiting to see what you've got tonight! 

Paige - sorry, hunny but I was tucking my kids in bed.  Didn't hear you sing.

Aaron Kelly - he's not bad, but not even close to the same calibre as Casey or Crystal.  I'm pretty surprised that the judges were fawning all over him.

Crystal Bowersox - yes, baby girl you saved the night!!!  She's amazing...loved how she walked out playing her guitar - so comfortable and relaxed and very very cool.  She stole the night, in my opinion...after my Casey, of course!

OH wait, I forgot about Velma...er, I mean Andrew Garcia.   That's ok, not a fan. 

I saw enough of Paige's performance in the recap to say that she's my vote off prediction for the night.

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  1. Oh how I love these posts. I missed the first 60 minutes or so, but I have it recorded. I have to say I don't quite get Casey. My favs are Crystal and Lee! LOVE THEM!!! I am SO GLAD they are fixing her teeth. She's more beautiful and talented each week!