Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's kind of scary what some people search for

I use sitemeter to track how many people visit my blog.  Besides telling me how many visitors I get and what cities and countries they are from (that's kinda cool), it also tells me how people find my blog, which I find much more entertaining.  So I thought I'd share some of the Google searches people have used which inadvertently brought them here.

Searches for "i was coughing make me pee",  "how can i stop peeing myself", and (my favorite) "exciting pee" brought some poor souls to this post.  Apparantly urinating on oneself is more popular than I thought.  I just have one question...what in the world is going on???

"oh oh oh there's no place for i in life" brought someone here.  I think, I couldn't follow the link so that's my best guess.  After reading that tho, I'm a tad bit curious as to what this person was really looking for?

"where oh where are you tonight" brought some lucky chap here (what's up with my British talk, anyway?  'Cause I have no idea.)

"engraved on the palm of his hands" took someone here.  I still love that post.

"zebra shirt lacey idol where"  Wow. That sounds like something Yoda would say....on crack. Did they want to know where Lacey from American Idol got her zebra shirt?  I'm scared that I may have figured that nonsense out.

...and my favorite of ALL time is and forever will be...."ridiculously unnecessary"!  After a year and a half my blog is holding stead as the 7th most ridiculously unnecessary thing in Google land!  YESSSSS!!!  (I just had to check.)  I'm not sure why, but that still makes me happy.

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  1. HAHAHAHA, Lisa. Loved this...but, it makes me think...what kind of weirdo's are looking at my kids? Hmm...