Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol - Top 8 Guys!

YESSSSS!  I'm excited tonight!  I rushed home after taking the kids out for supper because I thought it started at 7pm....that's ok, we had an extra hour to play before it started.  And started!!!

Lee Dewyze - He's not real polished, but that's ok for me - he has an awesome voice!  Lots of emotion in his voice and on his face, he really gets into his music and I love that kind of passion.

Alex Lampert - That was cool, I actually liked it.  Alot.  I have to confess that I was on the phone during his performance so he didn't have my complete attention, but what I heard I thought was really good!  He's got a unique style. 

Tim Urban - Three words AH-MA-ZING!!!  That was completely awesome!!!  So heartfelt, great song, beautiful.  And I love that Ellen ran up and gave him a hug, that was cute.

Oh, this is so FUN tonight!  If I weren't sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap (and lazy) I would get up and do a happy dance right now! 

Andrew Garcia - I love all the guitars tonight, but Andrew is not impressing me.  Pretty weak.  Genie in a Batto?  Hmmm...just my opinion, but if someone is going to be a singer shouldn't they be able to pronounce words correctly?

Here we go with the finger numbers again....good grief.

Ok, time to tuck kids in bed.  Hopefully tonight I will not traumatize them by threatening to kill one of our pets like I did last night.  I'm still sighing about that. 

Casey James - I am running out of words to adequately describe his awesomeness.  Truly, I can't believe that the judges are so critical of him.  He is blowing everyone else away, honestly.

Aaron Kelly - He's so cute.  Seems out of breath, tho - nervous maybe?  Sappy song, and I don't really buy it coming from him.  He seems like he's trying too hard and it's just not that believable for me tonight.   I can't believe I'm saying this but I totally agree with Kara, he's 16 and that song didn't fit him.  He was flat in some spots too.  I don't know, the audience seems to like him, but he's my vote off prediction for tonight so far. 

Ok....the judges are fauning all over him, after telling Casey that he was just "ok?"  I'm almost ticked now.

Todrick  is next....uh boy.  He bugs me.  Oh my gosh.....I"m annoyed already and his arrogant self just started.  He's going to sing Freddie Mercury?  Or Adam Lampert?  Puleeze.  Oh stand up already, I'm going to puke.  And how did they get the backup singers from Lawrence Welk to sing on here?  Wow. 

Um, excuse me Simon, but "boring performances with people sitting on stools playing guitar???"  Those are my favorite!!! 

Michael Lynch - Oh, I love this song so much.  And YEAAAA !!!  He's knockin it out of the park!!!  He should totally be a gospel singer!  Beautiful!  Everything about his performance was incredible.  Oh my, Kara is crying. I must look away.

Tonight was awesome and went way too fast.

Getting voted off....I think it will be Aaron and Andrew (but I'm secretly hoping they get rid of Tod"ego"rick).

Best of the night....Casey and Michael all the way!

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