Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things that have happened in the past month

since we have started tithing...

Crashed my car:  $500

IRS found a mistake on one of our tax returns from 3 years ago $360

Van needs unexpected repairs $185 so far (holding breath)

Dog chews up my mask for my c-pap machine $250

*Note to self:  Unless you want to frighten sleepy children and make them cry, you prolly shouldn't yell "I'M GOING TO KILL THAT STUPID DOG!!!" upon discovering that it has chewed up said mask.  It has "wicked stepmother" written all over it, and your husband will have to swoop in and do damage control until you have regained your composure enough to reassure the children that you will in fact not be killing the (stupid) dog.  Big sigh.

Is this God testing our commitment and our faith?  Is this satan trying to derail us?  (the dog one definitely is).  Perhaps it's both.  I can just see satan saying, "Oh sure, they are committed now, but if I throw enough trials at them they'll give it up."

All I have to say to that us!

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  1. Oh that is awesome... well, how you ended it anyway. :) not all the things going wrong, but your attitude about it all. "watch us." Love it! You can do it, God sees it all and He is going to bless in the midst. Stay strong! :)