Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another opportunity for the paparazzi, and some weekend rambles...

Yesterday, I went to my bank to get a money order.  This in and of itself would not be blogworthy for the average person, but need I remind you that I am somewhat of a celebrity at Wells Fargo.....remember this

As exciting as it is for them to see me in the drive-thru, it is apparently 83% more exciting when I come inside.  They were obnoxiously thrilled to see me.  The Toy Story Barbie waited on me, and she must have asked me if I had any plans for the weekend at least 3 times.  Maybe her memory chip was set on repeat or something, because each time I gave her the exact same response and she didn't seem to notice at all. 

Well, guess's Saturday!  It's the weekend!!  And the sun is shining!!!  Yay!!!!

I'm a little teeny bit excited, can ya tell?  Last night we had a house full of kids (young adults actually), as Brittany and 4 of her friends were here overnight and left for the Mall of America this morning.  They were up earlier than we were - due to the "Kirby Patrol".  He absolutely can't stand not greeting (aka - licking and hyperventilating) guests, which is what he was doing at 7:30am.  So once they were sufficiently awakened, Vince and I made pancakes and bacon for everyone before they headed out the door. 

Now Vince is hanging sheetrock in the boys' bedrooms - we are on a mission to get them done soon, due to the new venture that we are embarking on that I have eluded to recently, but can't reveal just yet.  I will be doing some more home organizing when I'm done blogging, and later this afternoon we will be heading to a birthday party that Kyle and Hope have been invited to at a rollerskating rink...boy does that take me back to 1980!  We'll be dropping them off at the party, then going out for dinner by ourselves for a couple hours.  Oh, one more big YAY!!!


  1. You better reveal this new venture soon or I'm going to start a rumor that you're pregnant. :-)

  2. Hahaha - love the Barbie teller story. Yes, on pins and needles over your new venture. Spill the beans already.

  3. Thanks for visiting and following my blog : )

    You really didn't miss much last night...maybe you can catch the highlights on the show tonite. Sadly there weren't many.

    Enjoy your day!